This is how we work


We specialise in an enhanced and personalised fitness experience in a very private setup. We offer small group sessions, one on one training and nutrition coaching. Contact us if you are looking for a sustainable change rather than a quick fix.

Personal Training

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This is where all of the hard work pays off.  Take a look at some of our success stories

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Join our live streamed workouts and train from the comfort of your own home while following along with a qualified personal trainer who will motivate and guide you through a rewarding  full body workout.  Each session is 40 minutes and is run using a video conferencing platform.   

Spin in Studio or Live Streamed

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With awesome instructors and rocking music, riders can let loose, clear their minds and empower themselves with good vibes that last beyond the studios walls. Available in our spin club studio or via  live streamed classes.

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We offer non-wage compensation options geared towards improving employee physical and mental health. Incorporating exercise on a daily basis is proven to assist in being more productive and will boost overall moral.