Day 11

Hello guys

How is your weekend going? Are you staying strong to your eating plan? Have you caved yet ? If you have, you can still pull it back and have a healthy weekend further!

Start your day off with a quick workout first thing in the morning. Just a few exercises in your garden or in front of the tv will make a difference. Always have a healthy breakfast. On the days I have cheated I usually start the next morning with just a basic protein shake.  I am very bad with drinking water but I especially make an effort and drink as much water as possible following a cheat.

I think people often forget the importance of exercise in combination with a healthy way of eating.  We have become so obsessed with how we look and how exercise can tone and shape our bodies to how we want them to look that we sometimes overlook all the hundreds of other benefits.

I’ve recently had two people tell me ‘I am too old to exercise’ This is bazaar to me. If anything, this is when it’s the most important time to train, to ensure that your bones stay strong, which will in turn prolong your life span. Exercise will make daily activities easier to do such as walking up the stairs, getting in and out of the bath, bending over to pick up things, carrying packets and boxes etc.

On the flip side it’s important to start training from a young age too to create and instill those healthy habits.

Here are a just a few reasons to be active other than the reason to look and feel gorge in your clothes. The added compliments don’t hurt either ☺  Exercise does all of the following:

* improves energy levels

* regulates blood pressure

* helps prevent diseases

* strengthens bone

* controls weight

* reduces blood sugar levels

* keeps arteries and veins clear

* strengthens the heart and lungs

* supports emotional well-being


Besides all of the above reasons to exercise. How awesome will it be to kick around a soccer ball with your great grand son one day??




Thanks to Zakiyya for sharing…. She discovered these brown rice chips at Clicks. I had a look, with virtually no carbs and sugar, this makes the perfect snacking option. I can’t wait to try them out.

Tomorrow I will share a super fun and easy two ingredient recipe for delicious cookies which are GUILT FREE ?

Have a lovely evening



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