Day 2

Hi guys

How is day one going so far?

Did you take before photos?

Please send any photos you wish to share to me 🙂

This is very important. Take photos from all angles and in good lightening. Make sure you are wearing a sports bar and shorts/tights or for the guys just a pair of shorts no t shirt. Every 2 weeks the same outfit should be worn for the photos. Make a note of your starting weight as well.

If you have any fun, healthy recipes you would like me to incorporate into the 40 days please send it to me!

Meal 1

Same as yesterday

We are going to enjoy a protein smoothie/ Health bar smoothie again but changing up the flavours for today.  (The OH MY! Mocha almond smoothie is a fabulous choice for those of you who are coffee lovers!)


1 serving Wild Vegan Vanilla Collagen Shake

(Any protein of your preference will do)

1/2 a medium size banana

1 tsp honey / 1 sachet stevia (I always opt for stevia but honey is just as good)

12 small blocks of ice

1 tbs oats

1 tsp of peanut butter (I like the black cat sugar free one, it tastes just as good as the rest but there is far less carbs and sugar making it a good switch to make)

1/2 cup almond milk

Add a dash of cinnamon

Add very little water at a time as needed as you blend if it’s too thick

Blend it all together ?


(If you don’t have the ingredients, and want to get one from the Health Bar you are welcome to send me a watsapp/text with your order and we will have it ready for which ever time will suit you best)

(Total 269 cal)

Snack 1

Nature valley bar for ladies only 1 bar, guys may enjoy the full serving of 2 bars

(Total 90 cal)



Meal 2

Mince omelette

(I cook a packet of mince and keep the leftovers in a container to use for the next day or two so that there is no wastage and it saves time for the next meal. (We will be incorporating left overs in tomorrow’s plan for a completely different meal)

Prepare the mince using half a tsp of coconut oil, 1 chopped up red onion and a tin of tomato and herb mix (woolies has a great variety of these which add great flavour) add in salt and pepper as you prefer.

Ingredients for the omelette:

3 tablespoons mince

1 egg

1 egg white

2 tbs water

Veg (mentioned below)

Add the egg, egg white and water into a small container and whisk with a fork adding in some salt and pepper.

Heat up a medium sized pan and spray a little spray and cook, pour your egg mixture into the pan.

In a separate pan fry the following together:

1/4 cup chopped mushroom

1/3 cup green peppers

1/3 cup red peppers

1/4 cup onions

Once the egg starts to cook add in the mince and above fried veg to complete your omelet.

(I know classically an omelette calls for loads of cheese, but we are skipping the cheese for this healthier option. I promise the flavours are so good you won’t even miss it)

For the guys. I change Jason’s omelette up and  I add in a good helping of cheese and I use 3 full eggs and increase the mince by two tbs

(Total 420 cal)

Snack 2

30 grams of biltong (I prefer the finely cut pieces with no fat) this is a small handful

(This snack can be eaten before or after meal 3, save it for when you need it the most)

I’m a late snacker so I always save this one for after my 3rd meal of the day

The guys can enjoy double this portion.

(Total 90 cal)


Meal 3

Green beans, Gem squash and chicken

1 portion green beans (steam beforehand to soften) and then fry in a pan using 1/2 tsp of coconut oil with salt and pepper.

Cook the gem squash and when cooked through I add in 1/4 tsp of real butter (not margarine) and 1 sachet of stevia with a pinch of cinnamon. This helps a lot for that sweet tooth!

(Some prefer it with salt and pepper, which is fine as well!)

Cut the raw chicken into strips and fry in 1/2 tsp of coconut oil, add in a dash of mild curry spice with salt and pepper and put on top of the fried beans.

For the guys, double the chicken and beans and you are good to go!

This is a yummy, hearty meal. ENJOY!


(Total 430 cal)


Allow 2 cappuccinos with almond milk and no sugar

(If you prefer tea or black coffee that’s good as well) stay away from coffee such as frisko, riccoffee etc (these are loaded with preservatives and sugar and lots of other bad ingredients) Nespresso, Jacobs, ground beans, is a great option!

 (Total for the day 1359 cal)

Don’t forget to drink a minimum of 1.5l water throughout the day.

Today’s training sessions will be intense! It’s almost weekend and we are planning on starting on a high note after a week of good PT sessions.

Make sure you get your workout in, if it’s a rest day, try and do something active such as go for a walk or do some yoga stretches and roll out sore muscles to prepare for your next workout.

Also something very important is to get in enough hours of sleep each night. Easier said than done I know 🙂

Good luck for day 2

Till tomorrow…..


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