Day 22

Day 22

Hi guys

We are 3 weeks into the 40 day challenge.

I’ll be giving some new meal ideas this week. Apologies for only posting now. It’s been a busy week at the gym. We are building an obstacle course outside and have done a couple of renovations so time has been scarce.

Anyhow, winter is well on it’s way which means we have to stay active before those lazy thoughts creep in ? It becomes increasingly easier to slack off during winter. The meals become heavier and thick coats and scarves mean we don’t feel as self conscious and uncomfortable in our clothes. ? which means inevitable weight gain if we aren’t mindful of what we eat. Lets try and avoid that winter weight gain and stay active while eating delicious and healthy food.

Ok… here we go


Meal 1

Egg and avocado on toast



2 x eggs (1 full egg and 1 egg white, no yolk)

2 tbs tomato and onion mix (woolies tin)

1/4 avocado

1 slice low carb bread or low carb breakfast muffin. (We sell a yummy savoury muffin at The Health Bar too which is a good breakfast option paired with 2 eggs)

(You will find carb conscious bread /bread rolls at Dischem.)

Don’t be tricked by the ‘gluten free’ bread. It must say low carb. Gluten free doesn’t mean sugar free.

If you are up to it you can bake your own low carb bread. Pnp and Dischem sell a great premix option. I’ve tried both and I was pleasantly surprised.



Toast the bread

Add tomato and onion mix in the microwave and heat for 20-30 seconds.

Add 1/4 tsp coconut oil in a pan and cook egg as you prefer. I enjoy mine scrambled.

Once toasted, spread the tomato and onion on the toast and add egg on top.

Lastly, place sliced avo with some salt and pepper and enjoy ?

(Total cal 326)


Protein smoothie/ health bar smoothie.

We have a couple new smoothies at The Health Bar if you would like some variation.




Snack 1

30 grams Lean biltong

(90 cal)


Health bar snack (Snacking options are chicken mayo heart waffle or pizza cup all below 3 grams of carbs)

(Less than 130 calories)


Meal 2


Woolies chicken soup with crispy wrap strips



1 slimmers/ carb conscious wrap

1 packet of chicken soup

Salt and pepper to taste



Cut up the wrap into strips and place on a tray with 1/2 tsp melted coconut oil

Switch your oven to grill and place the tray in the oven. Wait a couple minutes and turn each strip over and grill further until crispy

(You will have to watch very closely as they burn very easily.)

Heat the soup in a pan/microwave and add in salt and pepper as desired.

Dip the crispy strips into your soup and Enjoy

(Total cal 224)


Snack 2

Standard protein shake mixed with water. The Wild is the best option. It’s gluten free and soy free which means it’s easy on your tummy and no bloating.

Health bar smoothie (Chocolate cooldown, OH MY! mocha and Apple, carrot and pineapple smoothies are super low in calories and work well as a snack)

(Total 120 cal)


Meal 3

Creamy chicken and mushroom stuffed peppers





1/2 cup chopped red onion

1 cup chopped mushrooms



1/2 cup grated mozzarella cheese





Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees

Wash and prep your peppers. Cut the stem off and remove all the cores, seeds, and membranes from the peppers.

Chop the chicken breasts into very small cubes.

In a separate bowl, mix the chicken with raw spinach (also washed and chopped) and add the remaining ingredients besides the mozzarella

Add seasonings and mix well.

Stuff the peppers with the chicken mixture.

Place the stuffed peppers on a baking sheet, and bake at 180 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour, or until the chicken is cooked through.

Lastly add the grated mozzarella to the top and place in the oven for a couple minute longer until melted.

Serve while warm and enjoy!

(This makes 2 servings)

Enjoy 2 of these as a serving

(Total 412 cal)


*Bonus snack ?

30 seedless green grapes

(Total 100 cal)


2 coffees with frothed almond milk (no sugar)

Aim at drinking a glass of water with each meal. Add in a couple slices of cucumber or strawberries into your water bottle and enjoy while training.

(Total for the day 1322 calories)

Please remember to share photos of your meals with us

Till tomorrow….


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