– 100mg

Theacrine is a natural compound, similar to that of caffiene, which has the ability to increase mental clarity, energize workouts, and increase overall mood and motivation.


– 500mg

A modified version of carnitine, known for its ability to improve energy metabolism, memory and even neuroplasticity.


– 300mg

A modified version of the amino acid, Tyrosine, which contains the “acetic acid” modification in order to increase bioavailability and absorption. Shown to support cognition, energy, wellbeing and reduce stress; with its primary functioning revolving around dopamine and adrenaline metabolism.

Panax Ginseng 

– 200mg

An ancient and widely known nootropic, which has been shown to enhance both memory and mood whilst being neuroprotective


– 300mg

An organic compound, natural produced in the human brain, shown to support memory, focus, mental processing, attentional control and energy.

Vitamin B-6 (Pyroxidine HCL)

– 10mg

A naturally occurring B vitamin with core functions in energy metabolism, brain functioning and the production of vital neurotransmitters.


– 10mg

A patented peperin extract used to optimize and increase the bioavailability of nutritional compounds. Resulting in increased absorption and effectiveness!

Suggested Use:

For Primed Focus, take two (2) Capsules before a mentally demanding task or when needed, preferably with food. Do not exceed four (4) capsules in a 24 hour period unless otherwise directed by a health care professional.

One Bottle of Prime Focus = 30 Servings (1 Month Supply)

Targeted Use: 

This formulation is a healthier alternative to staying focused and alert for hours, without over-stimulation or adverse effects that can result from use of common stimulants.

Prime Focus provides a smooth and “jitter free” boost in focus and mental energy, perfect for gaming, studying, daily energy boost, or any task requiring higher mental functioning.


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